To Mill Titanium, or Not to Mill Titanium?

The milling procedure is used to reduce the size of your titanium material. Titanium milling is a viable choice for low-volume production runs because of its lower price and the fact that it requires fewer heat sources than aluminum or steel milling.

The Milling Process Of Titanium: How Does It Function?


Titanium may be milled using a spinning tool to cut it into smaller pieces. Tiny, identical bits may quickly form into a real result from milling titanium. However, parts milled from titanium are well suited to rigorous space and road travel conditions. Hence this process finds widespread use in both fields.


To begin milling titanium, the metal must first be heated to the appropriate temperature. When the metal reaches this temperature, it becomes pliable, and the cutting process may begin. The metal is heated, then put on a mandrel that spins at high speed. The mandrel may rotate the tool more precisely while it slices the metal.


The metal must be cooled rapidly after being cut so that it may be molded into the desired form. There is less chance of a defect appearing in the metal once it has cooled. After the component has been allowed to cool, it may be machined into its final shape.


Milling Titanium Has Many Advantages


Titanium milling may shave as much as 75% off the time it takes to turn a hunk of raw material into a finished product.


Titanium milling may improve production efficiency because it can decrease item size and weight, two factors that contribute to overall manufacturing costs. For example, you may reduce your raw material and labor expenses this way.


Because of their improved strength and endurance, titanium-milled components are often of a better grade.


Specialized Precision Milling To Order


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