Custom CNC Aluminum Extrusion Service

AS PRECISION provides CNC aluminum extrusion services and CNC machining services; usually, we extrude aluminum into a design shape and then machine the part using cutting, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and polishing processes to improve the surface and finish of the part.

Extruded extrusion dies are made of hardened steel, and the most common extruded aluminum materials are aluminum 6061 and 6063 alloys. Plastic materials can also be extruded as required, such as nylon, PC, ABS, PP, PVC, PS, etc.

The complexity of shapes can range from simple boxes to more complex geometries such as structural aluminum, scope mounts, electrical radiators, and frames. The importance of extrusion is mostly related to the precision of the die and the hydraulic pressure that applies pressure to the material during extrusion.

What Is Aluminum Extrusion?

CNC Aluminum extrusion is the process of aluminum forming. The aluminum extrusion process uses the original form of aluminum, called the aluminum billet of the aluminum ingot.

The aluminum billet is preheated to a specified temperature. The aluminum becomes soft and malleable and then forced through a mold or die designed to shape and form the aluminum material to different aluminum profiles with desired cross-section shapes.

The die used in the aluminum extrusion process can be made into almost any shape the user requires. Generally, the molds are made from highly durable steel with openings. Aluminum extrusions are widely used due to their high strength, lightweight, and good conductivity.


Aluminum Extrusion Process

After receiving your order, this is the general process of the aluminum extrusion process; we are aluminum extrusion suppliers, aluminum extrusions for sale to different companies.

☆ Build up a hard steel mold and up-load it into the extrusion press

☆ Prepare a solid aluminum billet and semi-molten it to working temperature 

☆ Transfer the semi-molten aluminum to the extrusion hydraulic press 

☆ Press the billet into the container of the extrusion press until it fills in it 

☆ Continue hydraulic pressure to force aluminum material go through the openings in the die mold 

☆ The extrusion carries out the designed shape from the opening of the mold  

☆ Finish and cool the extrusions machines and materials; carried-out material will keep designed shape until cool-down 

☆ Move the extruded material for the next step, cutting its size for machining preparing

Advantages of Aluminum Extrusion

• Multiple Designed Shapes: Material and be easily produced in specify shape and quickly done. Normally its shape including: Bar, Pipe, tube, profile, complex geometries shapes, and so on  

• Efficiency Production: Material extruded and come out with designed shape in elongated pieces in bulk quantity, and then cut into each components for next step, in this way, the production are quick to finish hundreds thousands pieces components in specified shapes.

• Flexible for Customized: Extrusion service is flexible to make various shapes of components, also it can be worked for low volume or bulk quantity. Besides extrusion used for aluminum material, it is also used for low-plasticity and difficult-to-deform metal or alloy. The extrusion process operation is convenient, it is running automatically by hydraulic pressure.

• High Precision than other molding solutions: The precision of extruded components is higher than rolled and forged products, and its surface roughness is much better than other molding products. For the aluminum alloys that come from extrusion method, their longitudinal strength after quenching and aging is much higher than similar products processed by other methods.

Why choose AS PRECISION Custom Aluminum Extrusion Service?

On-site quality inspection service from the start of production to shipment
Experienced engineers to provide the most cost-effective solutions
Use CNC machine tools for secondary processing services, service to every detail
Multi-factory production, fast response and on-time delivery
Professional sales staff will maintain clear and timely communication with you
Mass production or rapid prototyping aluminum profiles for your choice

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