CNC Milling Services & CNC Milling Precision Parts

AS PRECISION is a professional in CNC Milling Service; we have Vertical Milling Machines, Multi-Axis Milling Machines, Machining Center Lathe; with such strong capability, we can bring customers flexible support on any kinds of product plan, small or huge orders are supported perfectly.

What Is CNC Milling Service?

CNC Milling Service is the process of milling machine which removes material from a solid blank to create a required/designed shape. The process is guided by designing and carried out by a machining program.

For parts with any special shape, including angled shapes, slots and channels, chamfers, holes, curves, and slide surfaces, “CNC Milling Service” is the best choice to carry out such various designing. CNC milling removes material quickly with high accuracy and brings a good surface finish.

CNC Milling is flexible in any shape, so it is convenient for small qty or big qty production. Especially it is good for prototyping starting without opening molds.


CNC Milling Process

CNC Milling Service starts with the CNC designing drawing, normally of 3D CAD File, the engineer converts the file to CNC machine program by CAM software, CNC machine will start steps procedures automatically, which apply computerized technique to complete the machining as the following basic stages:

☆ CNC 3D CAD File drawing buildup

☆ Analyze the machining procedures

☆ Convert the CAD File into CNC milling program

☆ Set up CNC milling machine and correct the chucking

☆ Cut blank material into fixed sizes

☆ Start milling process under high accuracy

CNC Milling Operations

CNC milling operations are the machining procedures with different methods, which controlling the process and accuracy by according to designing concerning and requirements standards. There are several kinds of methods mostly used:

  • Plain Milling: it is commonly used as surface milling, the cutter mills on blank surface while the axis rotation is parallel to the work-piece surface
  • Face Milling: cutters have teeth on the periphery and tool face both sides, its axis rotation is perpendicular to the work-piece surface
  • Form Milling: form cutting tools or fly cutters are used, normally for complicated structure with multiple milling steps.

CNC Milling Materials

CNC Milling Service is removing process on material, so for any solid, stable material can be milled, we follow standards to select raw materials, including hard plastics and aluminum, various steels, titanium, magnesium, brass, copper, and other alloys; but exclusive on soft of sticking materials.

For much-hardened material, it shall require a special cutter to mill on it. Otherwise, a normal cutter cannot mill well and is easily broken.

We have the experience to evaluate milling materials by density, temperature, hardness, etc.

Metals (steel, bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, specialty alloys, titanium, industrial and heavy metals, etc.), plastics (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastics) 

☆ Rubber (Elastomer) 

☆ Wood (particle board) 

☆ Ceramics 

☆ Grass

The Advantages of AS PRECISION CNC Milling Service

AS PRECISION can provide customers with cost-effective CNC milling services and high-precision CNC milling parts. In addition to providing customers with customized CNC milling machining solutions, AS PRECISION also provides customers with competitive prices.

We believe in providing excellent value in CNC machining and manufacturing services, and our job is to ensure our flawless service through procedures, including:

High Precision Production
Low Inventory
Rapid Prototyping
Wide Choice of Materials
Tariff preference

Application of CNC Milling Manufacturing

AS PRECISION is a CNC milling service company that provides high-precision small CNC milling parts services for the mass production of parts for mobile phones, medical devices, optical equipment, automobiles, lighting industries, office equipment, etc.

Today, CNC milling has become the most basic, extensive, and important technology in the machinery manufacturing industry, which directly affects production efficiency, cost, energy consumption, and environmental protection. Industries for CNC milling applications:

Agricultural Production
1653874935-Machine Tool
Machine Tool Industry
1653874929-High Tech
High-Tech Industry
Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Electronic Industry
Medical Industry​
Auto Industry
Shipbuilding Industry
Food Industry

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