CNC Machining Services and Manufacturing Services

CNC Machining Service Parts AS PRECISION

AS PRECISION specializes in multi CNC Machining services.

We have CNC Turning Machine, CNC Milling Lathe, Multi-axis dual spindles Lathe, CNC Machining Center Lathes, Swiss-Type Lathes for various processes working on wide ranges demands.


We have a strong foundation in machining a wide variety of material types such as, but not limited to, titanium, surgical stainless steel, carbon steel, aircraft alloys, aluminum, copper, special alloys, and even plastic…

Our Processing:

We are offering multi CNC machining processes based on customers’ drawing requirements. Basically includes: Cutting, Milling, Turning, Drilling, Grinding, Polishing, and so on…


After our machining is completed, we can handle surface-treatment such as heat treating, electro polishing, laser marking, anodizing, phosphating, and bending…

We can also provide assembly service on your components.

Our CNC Machining Services Advantages

Besides offering CNC Machining Parts to customers, AS PRECISION believes in providing our customers with more than just a competitive price. And we believe in providing exceptional value in CNC Machining and Manufacturing services. 
We carryout our work to guarantee our perfect services by procedures, including:


We have some of the fastest machining devices. This means quicker making for you. We have rapid team to handle urgent projects without waiting for schedule.


Expect shorter lead times because we run 24 hours a day by three shifts.

Flexible Supporting

We are flexible to support customers by different trade term, shipment term, inventory controlling…


We can be a one-stop source for machining and gears, secondary operations and assembly if you wish.


We can supply work-pieces certificates of conformance with any orders manufactured by us.

Low Inventory

We’ll spread out shipments so you can keep inventories low.


We’ll coordinate the freight and insurance if required by clients; It will be more convenient for you.


We’ll suggest less expensive methods in processing and order-handling where we think it might be beneficial.


For customers any concerning, we can support to give solution based on your demands.

Tariff Benefit

We can produce in Viet Nam to reduce buyers countries tariff.