CNC Rapid Prototyping Service and Rapid Manufacturing

AS PRECISION CNC rapid prototyping manufacturer has various in-house facilities to handle most machining. We also have a tooling department, which is flexible to handle different workpieces to support "rapid prototyping" and "rapid manufacturing" with optimum efficiency.

What Is CNC Rapid Prototyping Service?

CNC Rapid prototyping service is a multiple CNC machining solutions to support customers’ ideas and designs to carry out into reality. To achieve this aim, our team needs to work quickly on evaluation, processing analysis, a program set up, and multiple processes until surface finishing; all such steps are efficiently scheduled onto the solution.

CNC prototyping specializes in manufacturing techniques and high-quality controlling. Prototypes should be of high standard performance, which can be used for designing improvements or device testing to get biological data. Our advantage of making a prototype is that we have a professional team to support the Prototyping Service; the team exclusively works for unique Rapid projects, from material sourcing to processing until testing and packing and delivery, which is separately different mass scheduled order team. So we can provide excellent and more professional services on prototyping and rapid manufacturing!


What is rapid prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is the rapid production of a 3D scale model or the physical part of its design using a set of different technologies and CAD data. Rapid prototyping techniques including 3D printing, additive manufacturing, sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining and injection molding.

Rapid prototyping technology is a general term for making product prototypes based on the principle of discrete layering. These prototypes containing critical information can be used for design, evaluation, testing and certification.

This technology integrates computer technology, laser processing technology, and new material technology. Relying on CAD software, a three-dimensional solid model is established in the computer, and it is divided into a series of plane geometric information to control the scanning direction and speed of the laser beam. The raw materials are selectively processed layer by layer by means of bonding, sintering, polymerization or chemical reaction, so as to quickly accumulate and produce a solid model of the product.

Reasons to choose AS PRECISION Rapid Prototyping Services

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Application scenarios of CNC rapid prototyping

Agricultural Production
1653874935-Machine Tool
Machine Tool Industry
1653874929-High Tech
High-Tech Industry
Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Electronic Industry
Medical Industry​
Auto Industry
Shipbuilding Industry
Food Industry

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