Metal Surface Finishing Services on CNC Machined Parts

Metal Finishing Services for work-piece, also called Surface Treatments, are the processes of utilizing different techniques to alter the surface on materials, for improving the appearance and properties such as corrosion resistance, tarnish resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, and hardness, modifying electrical conductivity, removing burrs or applying specific colors onto the machined parts. It usually through chemical reaction on the work-piece surface or adding a layer of metal or non-metal coating onto the surface of a metallic work-piece, which can also clean the part at the same time.


The “Metal Surface Finishing Services” commonly applied on various CNC machining parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, brass and other more materials.


With long term experiences and professional engineering team, AS PRECISION provides professional surface finishing services on work-piece according to customers’ requirement and obeying treatment compliance.


For different materials, or different functions of work-piece, or different fields industries, we can advice correct surface treatment solutions and workable finishing services to customers, make sure the R&D and Project direction is going on the right way.


No matter what kind of work-piece you’re developing, AS PRECISION provides the surface finishing services according to your designing. Our surface finishing services include:



Electro Plating







Laser Engraving

and so on…



Polishing, a process of rubbing the surface of parts or utilizing a chemical action to produce a smooth and shiny surface, it is applied by physical tool or by chemical reagents onto work-piece surface, make its surface more smooth to get specular reflection or reduce diffuse reflection in some materials.

AS PRECISION has great experiences on many kinds of polishing onto work-pieces, including tool polishing, specular polishing, electro polishing… etc.

Surface Polishing on machined parts

Electro Plating

Electro Plating, a process which uses electric reagents to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a thin coherent metal coating onto work-piece surface, it changes the properties of the metal surface in hardness, visual performance, anti-corrosion ability and slightly build up thickness for undersized parts.

AS PRECISION provides many kinds of Plating Service, including Chrome plating, Zinc Coating, Nickel plating and more are Plating processes… etc.

E-Plating Service on machined parts


Surface Painting, a process spraying paint, pigment, or color onto a blank surface as a colored protective layer, and can be done on metal or non-metal CNC machined parts, it is workable onto any shapes of work-piece.

The painting purpose is to improve work-piece aesthetic appearance and prevent corrosion or oxidation.

AS PRECISION provides many kinds of painting surface, with colors choice and ingredients choice.

Painting Service on machined parts


Anodizing, An electrolytic process of forming a thin layer of metal oxide onto the surface of CNC machined parts, which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer, protect the metal against corrosion, improve the appearance by colors.

Aluminum is the most widely anodized material, magnesium alloy or titanium alloy are also anodized by some special needs.

AS PRECISION provides professional anodizing service on machined parts, with the experience to control the thickness, color, properties…

Anodizing Type II is the most method we are using, it allows us to add tints or dyes onto machined parts for a variety of glossy performance. We also use Anodizing Type III for special hardness and anti-corrosion functions on work-piece.

Anodizing Service on machined parts


Passivation, a common chemical surface treatment mostly for steel and stainless steel work-piece to against rust and corrosion, using a light coat of protective material to create a shell on surface.

AS Precision provides professional passivation service on steel series work-piece, we get experience to control the passivating thickness, anti-corrosion level which can perfectly meet work-piece qualification standard.

Passivation Service on machined parts


Blasting, a process spraying a stream of abrasive material composed of high-velocity onto the work-piece surface under high pressure with blast equipment,  the abrasive material is one of such: sand, garnet, walnut shells, water or metal beads.

Blasting process remove surface contaminants, clean and deburr the parts surface, changes the smoothness or roughness of surface.

Besides functions for the work-piece, blasting also brings different patterns for appearance, such as matt style, satin style…; And different abrasive materials and their different sand-size brings different texture on surface.

AS PRECISION has many experiences on blasting, specially we handled many Sand Blasting for steel series work-piece. With your designing purpose on work-piece, we can give professional advice on blasting solutions for you.

Blasting Service on machined parts


Nitriding, a case-hardening process in which nitrogen is introduced ooto the surface of a ferrous alloy work-piece, such as  low-alloy steel parts, during the process it holds the metal at a temperature inducing the crystal structure begins to transform to austenite on heating as defined by the Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram.

This process is most commonly used on low-alloy steels. They are also used on titanium, aluminium and molybdenum. 

AS PRECISION are experienced handle nitriding treatment on steel parts, controlling its process to reach required hardness.

Nitriding Treatment on Iron Parts


Phosphating, a chemical process for treating surface of steel work-piece, this process converts a steel surface to iron phosphate. This is mostly used as a pre-treatment method in conjunction with another method of corrosion protection.

A layer of phosphate coating normally includes iron, zinc or manganese crystals.This layers created are porous, absorbent and suitable as a conversion layer for subsequent powder coating without further treatment.

AS PRECISION provides many phosphating parts for Auto Industry, we deeply understand the process method and control its result according to qualification compliance.

phosphating treatment on machined parts

Laser Engraving (and other Printings)

Laser Engraving, is also called Laser Marking, a convenient process that uses a laser to create an image onto the work-piece surface, it is normally engraved about Numbers, Indicator or LOGO.

There are many ways to provide printing and marking onto parts. Pad Printing, Silk Screen Printing, Router Engraving and Machining Engraving are all available to mark contents. While laser is a convenient and common way of them, as it can be carried-out quickly as per designing shows.

AS Precision provides Laser Marking Service on various machined parts,  mostly marks in color of White, Gray, Black, and sometimes with colorful effect. 

Laser Engraving on machined parts