CNC Surface Finishing Services for Metal Parts

CNC finishing services, also known as surface finishing, are altering the surface of a material using different techniques to improve appearance and performance.

Examples include corrosion resistance, discoloration resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, hardness, changing electrical conductivity, and deburring or applying specific colors to machined parts.

It is usually through the chemical reaction of the workpiece surface or adding a layer of metal or non-metallic coating to the surface of the metal workpiece, and it can also clean the parts.

The “Metal Surface Finishing Services” is commonly applied on various CNC machining parts of aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and other materials.

With long-term experiences and a professional engineering team, AS PRECISION provides professional finishing machining services on work-piece according to customers’ requirements and obeying treatment compliance.

For different materials, different functions of work-piece, or different fields of industries, we can advise correct surface treatment solutions and workable finishing services to customers, make sure the R&D and Project direction is going on the right way.


What Is Surface Finishing?

Finishing machining is a process of artificially forming a surface layer with different mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of the substrate on the surface of the substrate. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the product's corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration, or other special functional requirements.

Our more commonly used surface treatment methods for metal castings are mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, and spraying the surface.

What You Can Get From Us?

No matter what kind of workpiece you are developing, AS PRECISION will provide surface finishing service and cnc finishing according to your design. Our surface treatment services include:Polishing, Plating, Painting, Anodizing , Passivation, Blasting, Nitriding , Phosphating, Laser Engraving.

Surface Polishing on machined parts
E-Plating Service on machined parts


AS PRECISION has great experiences on many kinds of polishing onto work-pieces, including tool polishing, specular polishing, electro polishing... etc.

Electro Plating

AS PRECISION provides many kinds of Plating Service, including Chrome plating, Zinc Coating, Nickel plating and more are Plating processes... etc.


AS PRECISION provides many kinds of painting surface, with colors choice and ingredients choice.



AS PRECISION provides professional anodizing service on machined parts, with the experience to control the thickness, color, properties...


AS Precision provides professional passivation service on steel series work-piece, we get experience to control the passivating thickness, anti-corrosion level which can perfectly meet work-piece qualification standard.


AS PRECISION has many experiences on blasting, specially we handled many Sand Blasting for steel series work-piece. With your designing purpose on work-piece, we can give professional advice on blasting solutions for you.



AS PRECISION are experienced handle nitriding treatment on steel parts, controlling its process to reach required hardness.


AS PRECISION provides many phosphating parts for Auto Industry, we deeply understand the process method and control its result according to qualification compliance.

Laser Engraving (and other Printings)​

AS Precision provides Laser Marking Service on various machined parts, mostly marks in color of White, Gray, Black, and sometimes with colorful effect.

The Advantages of AS PRECISION CNC Surface Finishing Service

High-precision metal finishing from thin-walled to large parts
Construction of quality management system
Provide meticulous and thoughtful service
Reduced shipping costs and short lead times

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