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About Us

Who we are

AS PRECISION is the main Business Unit of AS Innovation. 

We started first factory machining service in year of 2005 in Fuyonng District, Shenzhen, China. We provide customized service to Chinese domestic market and global market. 

We started second factory in Vietnam in 2019, updating our devices and serve for Global market. 

Founder’s Note

AS PRECISION focuses on Digital Manufacturing Solutions.

One of the best partners for global industrial enterprises, providing widely high precision metal parts, customized solutions and services

CEO: J. Vinh Michael 

What Do We Do

With long term growth, now we own 50 Engineers and hundreds Machines, providing full solutions from Consulting to Prototyping until Manufacturing and Detecting.

We are working with various fields global customers in long term partnership, including mechanical companies, equipment companies, vehicle companies, tooling companies, electronic companies, phone companies, dental companies, AI companies, and many other fields companies…

Also various materials we are machining for customers according to their requirements, such as Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon Steel, Copper and so on; And with different kinds of finishing, such as Polishing, Anodizing, Black Film Oxide, Coating, and so on…

Why Choose Us​

Firstly, we are serving with high efficiency, we can evaluate the project/product quickly, feedback with meaningful suggestion and exact quotation. High Efficiency Quoting and Prototyping becomes our best advantage.

Secondly, our team is professional with long years experience, working under Lean System, guarantee the product correctness and quality.

Thirdly, we are offering competitive prices to support our customers become our partners.

Fourthly, we have big production capacity, we can support urgent need in big qty immediately.

Fifthly, We are flexible to produce in China or Viet Nam according to customers requirement, which will benefit customers on tariff issue.

How To Work With Us

Customers are most welcome to contact us any time by mail or phone call. Showing us drawings, our team will evaluate and feedback on Producing Details and Quotation.

We are positive to support customers Consulting and Prototyping for carrying out your designing into reality.

We are flexible working, planning different solutions according to customers’ requirements.