CNC Machining Services

What Are CNC Machining Services? It is a general designation for CNC lathe services, CNC milling services, CNC turning services, and nowadays the online CNC machining services. What Is The Online CNC Service? The following analysis will help you set up a clear boundary. Summary: based on the background of online CNC manufacturing, taking key techniques for CNC machining service as a study subject. Studying the integration of CNC fabricating techniques and online manufacturing information techniques. Profile: Online Manufacturing is a derivative technology for the modern information society, nowadays, it’s broadly applied to the manufacturing industries. CNC machining is a developing direction for the machinery manufacturing industry. Integrating it with online service, on the one hand, to achieve informationize CNC machining techniques, on the other

Brass Forging Parts

What does brass forged mean? Brass forging is to press brass raw material by a brass forging machine. To make it have the property called plastic deformation. To have certain mechanical properties, shapes, and dimensions. By the method of forging can eliminate the flaw of forging porosity during the brass smelting process. Optimizing the microstructure. At the meaning time, due to saving the universal brass streamline, the mechanical properties of brass forged is better than brass cast. The original state of material for brass forging parts Bar, ingot casting, brass powder, and brass liquid are the 4 original states for brass forging material. The ratio of the cross-sectional area before and after brass deformed is called the forging ratio. Choosing a correct forging ratio, proper

7 Tips to Reduce Costs for CNC Machining Parts

What does CNC machining mean? CNC machining usually means a computer numerically controls precision machining tools to machine parts on a CNC lathe. In spite of the working procedure being basically the same compared to CNC lathe machining to conventional lathe machining, the change is obvious. The method of machining operation for using the numerical system to control parts and cutting tools access is an effective way to solve problems, like variousness, small batches, complex features, high accuracy. Achieving high efficiency and automatic machining. What are CNC machining parts? A CNC machining parts supplier can supply various forms of parts regarding customers’ needs. Common materials used such as stainless steel, brass, titanium, aluminum. Not even materials’ properties are a vital matter, tolerance and surface treatment

Boring & Honing in The Digital Age

Boring and honing have been one of the backbones in the engine building industry since the beginning of rebuilding. While many of the processes are the same as they were decades ago, there have been many advancements along the way, driven by the necessity for tighter tolerances. Boring and honing machines are “connected at the hip” when it comes to quality machining, according to David Bianchi of Rottler Manufacturing in Seattle. “High-speed boring machines with the latest insert technologies leave a cleaner finish, free of pulled out material and ready for honing – setting the stage for a quality finish after honing.” Cylinder boring is a critical job because it brings the engine block back to life with straight and round holes. A true concentric

Reference Point of CNC Machines

3X M6x0,75  25  40  PART IS LOCATED IN A VISE  WORK OFFSET SETTINGS  MACHINE  ZERO  REFERENCE POINTS  During every part setup, two major locations, called reference points, have to be carefully managed. Those are points that establish the relationship between the known reference point of the machine (machine zero) and the unknown reference point of the part (part zero).  Although many CNC machines equipped with such really old control may still be used in many shops, their numbers are dwindling rapidly. All Fanuc controls still support the G92 and G50 commands, but only for compatibility with older controls. This support may last for a while, but is certainly not assured in the future. As many programmers will attest, the main difficulty using the Position Register

Build Your Own CNC Machine (additional series)

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