Why Choose Custom Aluminum Milling

Custom aluminum milling is a manufacturing process that is effective in producing higher quality parts and assemblies at lower production costs. This article explores the benefits of custom aluminum milling and why you should use this service.

Advantages of Aluminum Milling


Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth and can exist in various forms such as sheet, rod, wire, tube, and even MEK core. Aluminum milling is a process of removing material by cutting an aluminum ingot with a rotating cutter. Aluminum milling has many benefits, including:


  1. Reduced environmental impact: Aluminum milling uses less energy and produces less pollution than other manufacturing processes.


  1. Increased productivity: Aluminum milling can machine larger aluminum parts at a faster rate than other manufacturing processes.


  1. Modularity: Aluminum milling can mass produce custom parts, which can improve efficiency and quality.


Why use aluminum milling?


Aluminum milling is the process of cutting thin sheets of aluminum by using a series of rotating cylindrical dies. The dies are designed to create intricate patterns in the aluminum, which can then be turned into products such as parts for cars and aircraft. Applications of aluminum milling include aerospace, automotive, and medical products.


Milling aluminum is a very fast and accurate process. This is thanks to the precision machining capabilities of the machines and the skilled workers who operate the machines. As a result, custom aluminum milling can produce high-quality parts quickly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Custom aluminum milling enables unique and complex designs. Unlike traditional methods that require parts to be very similar to each other to function, custom aluminum milling enables designers to create parts with unique shapes and features that are difficult or impossible to achieve.


Custom aluminum milling is environmentally friendly. Compared to other manufacturing methods, custom aluminum milling has a low impact on the environment. It can even be considered environmentally friendly because it uses less water and produces less waste than other methods.




Aluminum milling offers many benefits that are particularly useful in a variety of industries. From industry to manufacturing, aluminum milling can provide the necessary precision and strength for any application. Hope you can order the right aluminum milling service at AS PRECISION.