What You Need To Know About CNC Aluminum Extrusion

As the name suggests, CNC aluminum extrusion is an automated process that uses computer software and hardware to control the high-precision production of aluminum shapes. This process can be used in a variety of industries such as aerospace, automotive and architectural design.

What You Need To Know About CNC Aluminum Extrusion

In order to produce complex aluminum parts using a CNC machine, you need to be familiar with the basics of extrusion. Extrusion is a process by which molten metal is forced through a small orifice (usually a pipe) and then formed into objects by pressing it against a stationary die. Extrusion is versatile and can be used to create all sorts of objects, from simple shapes like tubes and gears to more complex items like aircraft parts and car bodies.


What is CNC Aluminum Extrusion?

CNC aluminum extrusion is a manufacturing process that creates objects from a sheet of metal by melting it and then forcing the molten metal through a small opening. This opening is called the nozzle. The object is then pulled out of the nozzle, cooled, and shaped.

CNC aluminum extrusion has many benefits over traditional aluminum production methods. For one, CNC aluminum extrusion is more efficient because the machines can produce more parts per hour. Additionally, CNC aluminum extrusion produces intricate shapes and details that are impossible to achieve with other methods.

Finally, CNC aluminum extrusion has some environmental benefits compared to traditional production methods. CNC aluminum extrusion emits less air pollution than traditional production methods and it uses less water.


Benefits of CNC Aluminum Extrusion

CNC aluminum extrusion is a great way to create custom parts quickly and cheaply. Here are some of the benefits of using this technology:

  1. You can create complex shapes quickly and easily.
  2. It is a very versatile process, allowing you to create parts in a variety of different materials.
  3. It is a very reliable technology, meaning that your parts will be consistent in quality.
  4. It is a relatively low-cost process, making it an ideal option for businesses that want to save money on their projects.



CNC aluminum extrusion is a versatile and powerful manufacturing process that can be used to create a variety of products. If you are interested in using this technology in your business, there are a few things you need to know first. I hope that by reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what CNC aluminum extrusion can do for your business and be able to make the most informed decision possible when choosing an extrusion solution.