Titanium Milling: What Is It?

Titanium Milling is a process in which your titanium material is ground down using a milling machine. The benefits of titanium milling are that it can be achieved with fewer heat sources and at a lower cost than aluminum or steel milling, so it's an attractive option for low-volume production runs.

How Does Titanium Milling Work?

Milling titanium is cutting the metal into smaller pieces using a rotating tool. The goal of milling titanium is to create small, uniform pieces that can be easily assembled into a part. Titanium milling is commonly used in the aerospace and automotive industries because it produces high-strength and durable parts.

The first step in titanium milling is to heat the metal to a certain temperature. This temperature makes the metal easy to work with and allows the tool to start cutting through it. After the metal has been heated, it's placed on a rotating mandrel. The mandrel helps guide the rotation of the tool as it cuts through the metal.

Once the metal has been cut, it needs to be cooled down quickly so it can be shaped into a part. This cooling process also helps reduce any imperfections in the metal. Once the part has been cooled, it can be machined further to create its final form.

Benefits Of Milling With Titanium

- Reduced processing time: Titanium milling can reduce the processing time needed to create a part from a bulk material by as much as 75%.

- Increased production efficiency: By reducing the size and weight of the part, titanium milling can increase production efficiency. This can lead to savings on both raw materials and labor costs.

- Superior quality control: Titanium parts produced through titanium milling are typical of superior quality due to their increased strength and durability.

Custom Milling Services With AS PRECISION

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