CNC Parts Supplier

AS Precision is a Professional CNC Machining Parts Supplier, with Factories in China and Viet Nam; Manufacturing Wide Range of Machining Components

AS Precision provides professional machining services with high quality standards and advantages

Advantages of AS PRECISION CNC Machining Services

High Precision
Quick Quotation
Tariff Preference
High Quality
Production Process
Customized Services

AS Precision provides wide range of machining processes services

AS PRECISION  specializes in cnc machining manufacturing, We are offering multi CNC machining processes based on  customers' drawing requirements. Basically includes: Cutting, Milling, Turning, Drilling, Grinding, Fabrication, Forging, Polishing, Surface Treatments etc...


CNC Turning Service

CNC Turning Service is a machining process, and for cylindrical parts such as pins, shafts and spacers, a "CNC Turning Service" is usually the easiest and most economical option. Read More


CNC Milling Service

CNC Milling Service is the process of removing material from a solid blank with a milling machine to create the desired shape, for any special shaped part, "CNC Milling Service" is the best option.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service

Sheet metal fabrication service is a machining fabrication technique for very thin sheets that can be easily machined into any configuration or bent at any angle.


Metal Parts Forging Service

Metal forging services are the manufacturing process of forming metal through dies, using local compression forces, and using forging tools such as hammers or presses. Common forging processes are cold forging and hot forging.


Metal Surface Finishing Service

Metal Finishing Services for work-piece, also called Surface Treatments, are the processes of utilizing different techniques to alter the surface on materials, for improving the appearance and properties .


Custom Aluminum Extrusion Service

Aluminium can be easily made into the specified shape and finished quickly. The most common extruded aluminum materials are aluminum 6061 and 6063 alloys, which can be used for batch CNC machining parts.

AS Precision produce wide range components for various industries

Medical Industry​
Auto Industry
Shipbuilding Industry
Agricultural Production
1653874935-Machine Tool
Machine Tool Industry
1653874929-High Tech
High-Tech Industry
Aerospace Industry
Semiconductor Industry
Electronic Industry


extending details:

Supply of individual CNC parts

Efficiency with every order size

Our AS PRECISION PARTS cutting machine operators are highly educated specialist personnel. They produce your CNC parts accurately on our modern CNC controlled machining centers according to customer requirements. Being one of the largest CNC parts supplier in North Vietnam, you profit directly from the comprehensive production know-how. Irrelevant if these are demanding single pieces, new developments in series or special CNC parts: AS PRECISION PARTS is your contact partner and number one supplier for CNC turned parts, CNC milled parts and large part production.


CNC production of large parts

Competence from one source

Many suppliers and contract manufacturers are able to produce small standard CNC parts, but have to pass when it comes to manufacturing large parts. AS PRECISION PARTS is your supplier that can manage both. Our modern machinery park of CNC controlled machines and machining centers is especially designed also to mill, turn and machine very large workpieces. This makes AS PRECISION PARTS to one of the leading suppliers for mechanically processed large parts. Products of our large part machining are, amongst others, being used in the wind power sector, in shipbuilding, special mechanical engineering and plant engineering. We supply high-precision with your large parts. Our large part production is optimally supplemented by our 3D measuring and quality assurance. Our CNC cutting machine operators do not only mill and turn your large parts using the CNC. We also survey your workpieces on accurate 3D measuring machines. You can expect this competence in the CNC machining and their quality assurance from your supplier.