4 Reasons Why Meet Automation with CNC Turning Parts and CNC Milling Parts

Automation has become a new normal in various industrial settings as the pursuit of efficiency and excellence urges businesses to automate their operations. The extent of industrial automation can be gauged from the fact that the global industrial automation market stood at a mammoth $175 billion in 2020. This market share is surging rapidly and is likely to hit $265 billion by 2025. Amid this automation wave, automatic machine manufacturers are turning towards CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts to achieve the highest efficiency level in the process. CNC turning and milling allow machines to manufacture state-of-the-art products with minimal human involvement.

What Are CNC Milling And Turning?

In the CNC milling process, the raw material is fixed in one place while the machine moves to cut the material into the needed shape. The movement of the CNC milling parts in the machine is controlled with the help of the computers, which means that it will move to give the exact shape as programmed in the computer algorithm.

CNC turning works on the opposite principle as raw material rotates while the cutting tools remain fixed. This movement of the raw material is also controlled with the help of the pre-coded programs embedded in the computers that move the material until it gets the desired shape.

Why Do Automatic Machines Need CNC Turning Parts and Milling Operations?

When automatic machines are equipped with CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts, they become highly beneficial for the following reasons:

High Precision

Automated machines that employ CNC turning parts and milling operations manufacture highly precise products. This is because human intervention in moving the machine and the raw material is kept at a minimum. As the whole process is computer-driven, the equipment performs the instructions as per the programs fed into the computers, making the process precise.


The computer's algorithm that controls the CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts can easily be changed, making these machines highly flexible. This means that with merely a little effort, the machine's speed, direction, and other operations can be changed, which renders the machine flexible.

High Efficiency

CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts make the automated machines efficient since the margin of error is minimal while the operational speed is increased. Particularly, these operations are beneficial in the R&D of automatic machines as different parameters are studied for potential improvement, which CNC milling and turning make possible.

Competent in Processing Complicated Parts

One of the major benefits of using highly automated machines with CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts is the capability of these machines to tackle complex processes. These machines are developed to maintain excellence even under strict requirements, which means that even highly sophisticated designs will be made with extreme precision.

AS PRECISION Meets All Your Needs

While there is no second thought regarding the excellence of the CNC turning parts and CNC milling parts in the automated machines, you need to get in touch with a good supplier to get the maximum results. AS PRECISION is the leading manufacturer of CNC precision parts with a customer base all over the world. Choosing us as a CNC machining factory comes with the following benefits:

Wide Range of Scope

We have various technologies available, allowing you to get your hands on your business. Our different CNC machining includes CNC turning services, CNC rapid prototyping, CNC milling service, metal surface finishing service, sheet metal fabrication service, and others.

Serve in Different Industries

Our products can be used in various industries, including electronic, automobile, mold, telephone, dental, and machinery companies.

Advanced Processing Craftmanship

Based on your needs, AS PRECISION can deal with different types of materials, including carbon steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. What's more, we can provide metal surface finishing services, including polishing, grinding, heating, electroplating, polishing, and coating.

Fast Speed Operations

We are capable of efficient project management so erecting the whole project in a short time frame is available, and you can launch your products faster in the market to catch chances for bigger success.

R&D Team

Our engineers and R&D team believe in excellence, and this prompts us to keep introducing new and in-demand products and services. Our R&D team is also helpful in developing new CNC milling parts and turning operations, which urge new companies to bandwagon us.


Being a trendsetter in the CNC turning and milling services, AS PRECISION is dedicated to being the problem solver of every industry in need of CNC turning and milling parts. Our commitment to bringing innovation into the manufacturing process and relying on automation to achieve excellence receives high approval from our clients, which drives us to refine our CNC craftmanship.